Press Trust of India

From Hindustan Times: “21,115 Kashmiris arrested over last 20 years

“Over 20,000 people involved in militancy have been arrested in past two decades in the state,” a report compiled by the state home department on Tuesday said. “21,115 people involved in militancy and other subversive activities, including militants, were arrested in past two decades by security¬†forces and police in Jammu and Kashmir,” a recent report on militancy by state home department said.
“Out of 21,115 arrested persons, 613 were arrested this year up to November end,” it said, adding there was an increase in the number of arrests as compared to last year’s figures of 466 arrests made by police and security forces.
“Out of these, 3385 persons were released under 196 Criminal Procedure Code, 4241 released on bail by competent courts, 5133 released by high power committees and 437 freed through Chief Minister’s intervention,” it added.


[The number is quite conservative. The real number runs into many more thousands, but is hard to verify, given the lack of transparency and often murky nature of arrests. It is also not clear if it includes those who have been killed in custody].


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