Uma Chakravarty and the feminist perspectives on Kashmir

From Tehelka:


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  1. Uma, very interesting to hear you talk of some of the gender issues you encountered on your fact finding trip, thank-you for sharing your thoughts. I visited Kashmir many years ago and as a lone British woman was mistaken for a journalist and taken to the home of militants who spoke of their fight for freedom. At that time they were saying they wanted international journalists to understand the human rights abuses in the region. I also met their female relatives who provided food for me and spoke of their own position. I contacted Amnesty International on my return. This experience has never left me, in fact it changed in many ways how I saw the world as I began to question and since then have highlighted the conflict in Kashmir whenever I can.

    I actively support the Palestinian cause and am saddened that the struggle in Kashmir is not taken up in quite the same way outside of India. If we look at how external pressure paid off during apartheid South Africa and is highlighting the seige of Gaza now there is a role to play for the international community men and women in drawing attention to what is happening in Kashmir too. As a widow myself (due to negligence from British and US governments) I am very interested to hear of the widows’ struggle and would be happy to interview women in Kashmir for my blog,

    My thoughts are with all those women living with a daily struggle and all those who has lost a loved one.

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