Dr. Vithal Rajan

[Don’t like the way it is told, but we do like the moral of the story!]

From The Hindu: “Thinking the Unthinkable

“The first question to ask is, do Indians need Kashmir? By Indians, we mean the ordinary aam-janta of the poor, and the struggling middle classes. The answer clearly is a resounding ‘No’! There are no ‘resources’ of any kind from Kashmir, the supply of which is crucial for our well-being. The American people are dependent on oil from the Middle East, and that is the real reason for their hegemonic control over the region. Indians have no such reason to retain control of Kashmir.

If Indian troops are out of Kashmir, would it jeopardise the security of Indians? Not really. The mountainous barrier between the Kashmir Valley and India is a better defensive line to guard than the present long untenable frontier of the Line of Control. Should we be there in Kashmir against all odds out of moral obligation, because the people of the Valley are dependent on our protection? ‘No’, is the answer once again, because the people there do not consider themselves ‘Indians,’ and wish all Indians to go to the devil, perhaps unjustly, but that is the end result of poor governance, high-handedness, cruelty, and a bankrupt diplomatic policy.”

“Let us ask another hard question. What will be lost along with Kashmir? An unreal and bloated sense of self-importance. It has taken Great Britain 60 years to realise it is no longer the centre of an empire. Indian rulers have yet to realise they are no longer in charge of ‘the jewel in the crown.’ Indians are not the leaders of Asia — the Chinese are.

If India wishes to be considered a good second to China, it should not fritter away its resources on nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers, or Commonwealth Games. India should use its scarce resources where they are most needed, to help people raise themselves out of poverty.”

“Since everyone else in reality has been fishing in Kashmir’s troubled waters, let India make the security of the Valley an international issue which requires international guarantees from everyone else, the U.S. and NATO, China, Pakistan, Russia, and all other nearby neighbours. Let India insist on a U.N. Peace Keeping Force, and annual subventions from Pakistan and others, including India, to help the Kashmiris. India could insist that South Asia should be made a nuclear weapons-free zone, retaining crushing military superiority. Let it ask for Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to be simultaneously liberated, and since the Pakistani military cannot possibly accept that demand without immediately abdicating all power, India might have to redraw the frontiers, absorbing Jammu and Ladakh into India without any special status. Whatever the final shape of the outcome, India must be proactive in demanding an immediate international settlement of a problem created by Nehru.”


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