Aijaz Hussain in Srinagar

From The Canadian Press, “India Removing 16 of 200 Bunkers in Srinagar

“India began removing 16 of about 200 paramilitary bunkers in Kashmir’s heavily fortified main city Tuesday to try to defuse tensions after months of deadly unrest over Indian rule.

Troops inside the bunkers monitor the movements of people on the streets. They can fire weapons and are close to big fortified security camps, which — along with security checkpoints — are detested by Kashmiri Muslims who oppose Indian rule over the disputed region.

Schoolteacher Abdul Rashid dismissed the move as cosmetic and said such gestures have not worked in the past. “As long as they have these huge military and paramilitary camps around us, it doesn’t mean anything.”

Kashmiri businessman Bashir Ahmed said withdrawal of troops from populated areas in Kashmir was needed, not just the removal of a few bunkers.”


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