M Hyderi from Srinagar

From Greater Kashmir: “Discarded even for animals, pellet guns used on Kashmiris

“The ‘deadly’ Pump Action Shotgun or Pellet Gun is nowadays a preferred weapon against the street protesters in Kashmir. But a 19th century British army officer had discarded its use even for hunting because of the large scale causalities the pellets caused on the prey.

The officer, who hunted migratory birds in Wular Lake, was so disheartened at the massacre of the waterfowl that he pledged never to use the gun again.


The incident dates back to around 1880 when General Dunlop, a British Army Officer from the then neighboring India came to Kashmir for holidaying. He was putting up in the Dal Lake here at a houseboat.

One day the houseboat owner, Ghulam Rasool Tuman aka Lassu, offered General Dunlop a safari ride for hunting of migratory birds in the Wular.

General Dunlop was to use a Punt Gun, a then version of shotgun. The pellets hit the target. Dozens of birds were lying dead, scattered in the lake. But the British officer was upset. He was disheartened by the large scale killing of birds.

“This gun leads to massacre of birds. This is inhuman. I will never use it again,” General Dunlop told Lassu.


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