Z. G. Muhammad from Srinagar

From The Washington Post, “A Cage Called Kashmir

“Mogul emperor Shah Jahan, four and half centuries back, waxed lyrical on the sight of beautiful Kashmir valley nestled in the bosom of mighty Himalayas and called it paradise on earth. In his wildest dreams he would not have imagined that one day this land would become more hellish than hell for its citizens.”

“To control the restive population the government has imposed curfew and strict restrictions on people’s movement. Every town and colony wrapped up in concertina, spools of razor wires, barbwire wire, with thousands of helmeted, gun totting and baton wielding soldiers dotting every place looks like a war time garrison. For past more than seventy days more than four million people have been virtually caged. There are lots of festering and disturbing tales about the ‘curfewed’ life that hardly get reported in the press. Hundreds of thousands of students have missed their studies and confinement has been adversely affecting their psyche. Shortage of medicines has been causing complications in many patients. To stretch their stocks, many daily wage earners have been living on one time meal for past month or so. Scarcity of fresh vegetables has made some to…depend upon wild vegetables in their holdings.”

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