Manoj K. Jha in New Delhi

From Hindustan Times, “Talk about a generation

“Close to 60 young boys have lost their lives in Kashmir in the last two months. The streets of Kashmir have not seen ‘normalcy’ during that time. Contrary to belief, unemployment, poverty and hunger are not the core issues for the protesting youth in Kashmir. Many of us watched Peepli Live and…Rang De Basanti…”

“…the two movies are…about the politics of manipulation of memory. They are also about the struggle of ordinary citizens to be seen and the blatant move by the State to somehow make them ‘invisible’. Both underline how our trumpeted democracy has indeed become a facade for domination and subjugation in the name of the undefined and indecipherable national interests.”

“Kashmiri youngsters have probably been able to understand and acquire their own share of the ‘A Generation Awakens’ phenomenon. Defying all forms of threats including that of death, the protest of an average Kashmiri youngster today is, in essence, a committed transformation of the material and ideological conditions that robbed them of many things, including what they wanted to remember and commemorate.”


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