Syed Ali Geelani in Srinagar

From Kashmir Watch, Kashmir Peace Appeal

“We the people of Jammu Kashmir have been engaged in a struggle for our inalienable right of self-determination, for which we have been made to suffer immensely.

Our right to self determination has been acknowledged by India herself in the United Nations Security Council and also in their repeated public pronouncements from 1947 to 1953.

For the last 63 years, our means of resistance have changed from time to time but the demands of resistance have remained consistently same which is freedom from Indian rule through democratic mechanism of right to self-determination.

Our resistance has always been met with violence from Indian state, resulting in the killing of 120,137 persons, disappearance of almost 10,000 people, rapes and molestations of thousands of women, incarcerations, torture, extra-judicial murder, humiliations of our people and the destruction of our property worth billions of dollars.

In response to the unabated brutality and the recent killings and violence from the Indian forces people of Jammu Kashmir have for the last two and half months resorted to sustained peaceful mass protests. This non-violent uprising has again been confronted with killings of 64 civilians, arrests of more than 2000 civilians, injuries to more than 3000 civilians, torture of hundreds of youths, destruction of private houses & vehicles etc. The victims of state terrorism include 8 year old sameer Ahmad Rah to 65 year old father and to 17 year old Afroza Teli.

Amid this continued policy of oppression on ground, Indian leadership has spoken of its willingness to engage in a dialogue with Jammu Kashmir leadership.

However, as usual with New Delhi, and always absurd, the Indian leadership comes with such a soft talk whenever the streets of Jammu Kashmir are filled with innocent killings. They talk of political engagement when their soldiers have literally gone berserk in Jammu Kashmir killing, arresting, torturing, injuring, humiliating and destroying us.

If India and the International community are serious in resolving the dispute its beginning is to be the end of Indian oppression which in itself will create conditions for resolution.

In this regard, we demand India and urge the International community to persuade India, for creating conditions necessary for peace and resolution.

The minimum necessary conditions that must be met without any delay are

1.  India must agree Jammu Kashmir as an international dispute.

2. India must announce and begin the process of complete demilitarization to be monitored by some credible agency.

3. Indian Prime Minister must commit publicly and ensure practically that henceforth no killings and no arrests shall take place. It should also discipline her troops and order them to stop humiliating people and destroying public and private property.

4. India should immediately and unconditionally release our children and the political prisoners. Withdraw cases against youth pending in courts for past 20 years.

5. The process of punishing the perpetrators of state violence has to begin with the conviction of troops responsible for recent 65 killings and has to be followed by convicting all those responsible for war crimes in Jammu Kashmir.

If implemented on ground in both letter and spirit, these measures would facilitate in the creation of conductive atmosphere enabling Jammu Kashmir leadership to meet, consult and consolidate public opinion for the peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute in accordance with the democratic principle of right to self-determination.

As our liberty, honour, future cannot wait endlessly for these measures to be implemented by India, therefore we urge Indian leadership to end oppression and implement these measures immediately, so that the current campaign of mass protests can be reviewed.  In the meanwhile all prisoners must be released before Idd-ul-Fitter.

If India fails to fulfill these minimum necessary conditions required for peace and resolution immediately, the program of ongoing mass protests would be intensified.


1). Release of prisoners before Iid-ul-Fittr.

2). Implementation of the measures immediately.

3). Failing which mass protest programme will be intensified.

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