Lydia Polygreen (NYT)

From The Dallas Morning News: “4 die in Kashmir protests for Independence

“Tens of thousands of Kashmiris demanding independence from India flooded the streets in protests across the territory on Friday, clashing with police and Indian security forces, authorities said.

Four people were killed, bringing the number of dead to at least 55 since the unrest began in June.

The Kashmiris’ protest marches have been growing as people have defied curfews in an effort to force India to withdraw its troops from the disputed region, which is divided between India and Pakistan and claimed by both.”

“Violent protests have broken out in Kashmir for the past three summers but this year have gained new intensity as the protesters have become less willing to obey the curfew and more willing to confront security forces.

Indian paramilitary forces have remained in the region since they were deployed to fight a brutal, Pakistan-backed insurgency that swept across the Kashmir Valley in the 1990s. The insurgency has been largely vanquished, but the security forces have remained. They operate under special laws that shield them from prosecution, and many Kashmiris say that has led to many human rights violations.”


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