Dean Nelson in Srinagar

From Telegraph: “Kashmir Youth take on the Indian State

“Separatist leaders warned that human rights abuses in Kashmir was creating a new generation of angry teenage militants dedicated to confrontation with the Indian security forces.”

“Dr Waseem Quereshi of Srinagar’s Sri Maharajah Hari Singh Hospital said his staff had treated 57 young men mainly in their teens in the last week.

All but three had been shot by the security forces and four had died.

One was nine year old Sameer Ahmad Rah whose father told The Daily Telegraph his son had been beaten to death by paramilitaries from India’s Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).”

“If your son is beaten to death, tell me you wouldn’t be the first to burn down a symbol of India?” he said. The protests are a “rebound effect of a generation born into conflict. Today they take to the streets, defiant and disgusted and fearless of death.”

Ali Mohammed Sagar, the state government’s law minister, said there had been “excesses” by the security forces, but protestors had burned police stations and attacked government property.

“There are some excesses, firing was unwarranted, no doubt about that, there are black sheep everywhere. There are some problems, killing of kids,” he said.”


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