Karan Thapar

From Hindustan Times: “A Silent Shame

‘If 50 people were shot dead by the police on the streets of London what would the British government do?” This sharp question was how Pertie greeted me on my return from Britain last week. I mistook his inquiry for levity but he soon cut me short. “Would Cameron keep silent, appear unconcerned and unaffected, or would he fall over himself explaining and apologising?”

“Because our prime minister, Manmohan Singh, hasn’t said a word. Literally not a squeak. It’s almost as if he doesn’t know or care. Or as if Kashmir doesn’t count or isn’t part of India. I simply can’t fathom this silence. It’s inexplicable.”

I suddenly remembered that Singh apologised in Parliament for the Sikh killings of 1984. Even after 20 years he felt the need to do so. He wasn’t in anyway responsible yet this is what he said: “I bow my head in shame.”

Today, in contrast, when he is the PM, he is silent. For all intent and purposes his head is held high. I wonder how the people of Kashmir — and, in particular, the parents who’ve lost their sons — feel when they notice the difference?”


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