Lydia Polygreen in New Delhi

From New York Times: “Kashmiris Storm Srinagar’s Streets, defying curfew

“Thousands of people defied round-the-clock curfews in the disputed province of Kashmir on Wednesday, burning police vehicles in the streets of the state’s summer capital, Srinagar, shouting “Azadi,” or freedom, and chanting anti-Indian slogans.

Dozens of people have died this summer in violence in Kashmir, which is claimed by both India and Pakistan, and the unrest has prompted new questions about the state’s leaders ability to control the restive region. Despite the security forces’ shoot-on-sight orders to enforce curfews aimed at cooling rage on the streets, thousands of people openly took to the streets Wednesday, to no apparent consequence.

Omar Abdullah, the state’s chief minister, rushed to New Delhi on Monday to ask for more troops to help quell the protests, and reinforcements, including a specially trained riot control team, are on the way, according to government officials.

But more security forces are unlikely to solve the most immediate problem: angry protests, often including stone-pelting mobs of young men and boys, that government forces respond to by firing live bullets into the crowd. The resulting deaths beget yet more protests, which lead to more killing.”


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