Manan Kumar from Srinagar

From Indian Express: “Cops in Kashmir feel the heat

“After 51 days of continuous violent protests and 23 deaths, the pressure on the Jammu and Kashmir Police is showing. On Saturday an indefinite curfew was imposed after two civilians were killed and 40, including 30 policemen, injured.”

“Senior police officers privately admit that it is becoming difficult for them to persuade policemen to take on crowds of protestors.”

“With the number of dead and injured increasing daily, locals are pressurising officers who come from the same stock to switch sides. In many areas officers aren’t reporting for duty, communicating via phone instead,” a mid-level officer said.”

“A senior policeman admitted the possibility of mutiny in the 80,000-strong police forces. “The administration should do something to bring down the violence. Only some bold political initiative can salvage the situation, otherwise you hand it over to the army. Talking to the Hurriyat leader SAS Geelani is an option,” he said.”

“A constable posted in Maisuma, Srinagar, said his position in the community was becoming untenable.”

“What am I supposed to do if my family is jeered at because of me? Policing is the hardest of duties. CRPF can act as they are not locals, but we have serious problems,” he said adding that he is considering quitting.”

“Although CRPF and JK Police are jointly handling the riots, there are sharp differences between the two.”

“We don’t know this place, or the language. We are totally dependent on J&K police.”

“But in critical situations, they have abandoned us,” a CRPF personnel said.”


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