Betwa Sharma reports on UN statement

From Greater Kashmir: “UN steps in…

“UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has issued a statement voicing concern over the security situation prevailing in Kashmir over the past one month.”

“In relation to recent developments in Kashmir, the Secretary General is concerned over the prevailing security situation there over the past month,” Farhan Haq, Ban’s spokesperson, said in the statement.”
“He (the UN chief) calls on all concerned to exercise utmost restraint and address problems peacefully,” Haq added.”

“United Nations has its military observers group stationed in both parts of Kashmir. The first group of United Nations military observers arrived in the area on 24 January of 1949 to supervise the ceasefire between India and Pakistan in the Kashmir. These observers, under the command of the Military Adviser appointed by the UN Secretary-General, formed the nucleus of the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP).”

“Following renewed hostilities of 1971, UNMOGIP has remained in the area to observe developments pertaining to the strict observance of the ceasefire of 17 December 1971 and report thereon to the Secretary-General.”


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