Arif Shafi Wani & Samaan Lateef from Srinagar

From Greater Kashmir: “Crackdown on young continues, 1400 in jail

“Continuing with the crackdown to quell the continuing protests over the civilian killings, police has, to date, rounded up around 1400 youth including teenagers from across the Valley.”

“However, according to reports, alleged unrestrained actions by the police have started to backfire as human rights groups, lawyers and parents of the arrested persons accuse the cops of “harassing the innocents and earning quick bucks in the disguise of maintaining law and order.”

“People, particularly in Old City areas, are accusing the police of making arbitrary arrests of the youth. “Police has arrested nearly 500 youth from various areas of the City, including minors who were either moving on streets or riding bikes on charges of stone-pelting. Some of them were released after their parents paid hefty amounts to the cops through activists of some political parties. The arrests have turned into a flourishing business for the police,” a group of locals wishing anonymity told Greater Kashmir.”

“The locals also accuse the police of forcing the families to make their wards “surrender.” “Police is acting in such a way as if our children are criminals. They detained the younger brother of a boy in lock-up for days together to force him to surrender. This is not policing but sheer harassment,” they said.

“The locals said that the police have been conducting raids even during night in various areas of the Old City. “To evade the arrest on frivolous charges, the youth have been forced to migrate to other localities. The Government seems to be bent upon spoiling the career of our wards by implicating them in false cases,” they said.”


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