Dilnaz Boga in Mumbai

From Kashmir Dispatch: “‘The Cause’ and effect

“There’s no manual one can refer to about coping with curfews for almost a month, or being cooped up within four walls with raging emotions that extend from despair to anger and frustration to helplessness. Maybe knowing how prisoners cope within confinement might help in this case. “

“After all, Kashmir is one big cage with prisoners where no one is allowed to speak, post comments on Facebook without being slapped by a non-bailable act, protest on the streets against brutalities by the men in uniform or attend funerals only to get fired upon and killed. Nothing is normal here. No one is allowed to be normal. The government probably thinks normal is boring.”

“To push people to the extreme by keeping them confined in their homes has also taken a toll on the family life. A friend shared what was happening to his family in Islamabad. “

“Everyone is fighting at home. My niece is throwing tantrums because she wants to go out and play. My sister who has a job is feeling frustrated at home. My father is picking unnecessary fights with my mother because of the violence and the helplessness that surrounds him.”

“To be an Indian, is these times is not easy. “At the end of the day, your only fault is that you are an Indian… you are nothing but a bloody Indian,” said a docile friend to me. I’m assuming, his job as a doctor is taking a toll on his mind and soul. Stitching up people brutalised by troopers, removing bullets from children, being manhandled by the police during curfew and constantly attending to those slain during protests is enough to drive anyone over the edge.”


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