Sankarshan Thakur from Srinagar

From The Telegraph: “Blessed by Delhi, Omar powerless in Kingdom

“Sounds like a rumour that Omar Abdullah is the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. Or that Mehbooba Mufti is leader of the Opposition. Or even that less than two years ago 70 per cent of the Valley had validated their faith in what’s known as the Kashmiri mainstream.”

“Omar enjoys power, newly endorsed by New Delhi, but scarcely any authority beyond preserving his own safety.”

“He calls government employees to work and they refuse to arrive. He calls schools and shops to open and they remain shut. He opens roads and there’s no traffic to oblige. He imposes curfew and it’s peppered with defiance, he ends curfew and he gets a hail of stones. Who’s to tell this is still his domain?”

“What Kashmir’s people’s representatives have come to dread most are the people themselves.”

“It’s been our history,” he says, “the worst sin a Kashmiri leader can commit is to get New Delhi’s blessings, and Omar got it last week. He will increasingly be seen as Delhi’s man lording over Kashmir, not a Kashmiri governing his people. Sure Delhi is backing him, but it might be backing him to his grave.” Not that the Kashmiri street is in any mood to spare him that fate. Rumour is, they’ve already begun to dig.”


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