A little victory for small nationalities who seek freedom from obese states

From New York Times: “UN court rules Kosovo Declaration of Independence Legal

“Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia in 2008 did not violate international law, theUnited Nations’ highest court said Thursday in a ruling that Kosovo heralded as a victory but that legal experts warned could spur separatist movements around the world.”

“Analysts said that the legal legitimacy conferred on the independence declaration by the court could have profound consequences for global geopolitics by potentially being seized upon by secessionist movements.”

“This is a great day for Kosovo, and my message to the government of Serbia is ‘Come and talk to us,’ ” Kosovo’s foreign minister, Skender Hyseni, said after leaving the court, The Associated Press reported.”

“But Serbia was adamant it would never recognize what it had previously called a false state, while Russia, one of its staunchest allies, insisted the court’s decision did not provide a legal basis for Kosovo’s independence.”

“The Serbian foreign minister, Vuk Jeremic, said the ruling could encourage separatist movements elsewhere that would now be “tempted to write declarations of independence.”

“The United States State Department said the ruling was “a judgment we support,” according to The Associated Press. “Now it is time for Europe to unite behind a common future.”


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