Vinod Mehta’s Delhi Diary

From Outlook: “Stones in the Garden

“One would need to have a heart of stone not to be moved by the plight of the stone-pelters of Srinagar.”

“Yet, mainstream India remains indifferent. Sections of the media and civil society do take up the Kashmir “cause”; unfortunately, the rest of the country is apathetic, if not cynical.”

“Our democracy has no shortage of dishonest and self-serving people’s representatives; those who claim to speak for the Valley are probably the worst of the lot. All they do is whine and whinge about the “alienation” of the Kashmiri people from the safety of their homes as they appear nightly on our television screens. They are petrified to go out on to the street, afraid they might be lynched. If anybody is alienated from the people of Kashmir, it is the politicians of the state.”

“The question must be seriously debated. If the people of the Valley so desperately and persistently want “azadi”, should we not give it to them?”


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