Huma Dar’s review of the discourse

From Pulse: “Truth Alone Triumphs

“Mandelstam might give no clue, but that blesséd word, yet to be “pronounced truly” and freely “for the first time,” is  آزادي / Azadi (āzādī). It is an abstract ideal, contraband of the highest degree in the Valley of Kashmir, currently controlled by India.  This sonorous word, sweet on the tongue — Azadi — is an Urdu/Koshur word of Farsi origin that means, “freedom; release, deliverance, liberation, discharge; manumission, emancipation; freedom of action, liberty, independence” according to Platts’ Urdu dictionary.

“Azadi” is also the chant whose echoes swirl in the Kashmir Valley with greater resonance each day, from the minarets and playgrounds, boulevards and alleys, schools and courts, despite the crushing screeches of teargas and bullets of the Indian (in)security forces.  It is “scriptured” into utterance by each breath of Kashmiri women, children, and men; calligraphed by their blood on their emerald valley; embroidered by their bones in Kashmiri Arabesque on worn cobblestones of the downtown; and papier-mâchéd in paisley tears on the blue of their beloved lakes.”


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