Debarshi Dasgupta in New Delhi

From Outlook: “Uploading Azadi

“Soon after news channels began beaming an intercepted conversation, allegedly between a Hurriyat leader and one of its footsoldiers, in a video that supposedly lays bare cash payments made to foment protests, a counter video appeared on YouTube. It claimed that the official version had mischievously gained in translation. The Kashmiri equivalent of the phrase “enjoy your salary”, used to refer to government employees who earn despite not working during curfews, had been used as a convenient “proof” of how public protests may be sponsored.”

“This is just one of the many instances of how the internet is being used by Kashmiris to keep their resistance alive. It has helped them skirt the curfew and media censorship.”

“Predictably, the authorities are lurking around in cyberspace too. There are reports of Kashmiris being detained for “anti-national” posts on Facebook.”


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