Emily Wax in Srinagar

From The Washington Post: “…Stone throwers face off with Indian security

“If we take up arms, the world will call us terrorists. Stone pelting is the only way to fight for our freedom,” said Sajid Shah, a.k.a. Lion of Allah, who was editing his videos in hiding Wednesday. “It makes India think. It makes the world think: What’s happening in Kashmir? We will get our freedom with the stone.”

Fighting over the region has left tens of thousands of people dead, and many ordinary Kashmiris voice a desire for independence from both countries. Others say they just want Indian security forces to leave.

One young Kashmiri with a degree in computer applications edited a powerful video to the lyrics of the Everlast song “Stone in My Hand” and posted it on YouTube, prompting police to launch a manhunt for him. The lyrics — “I got no pistol, ain’t got no sword. I got no army, ain’t got no land. All I got is stones in my hand” — became the anthem of Kashmiri youth and is hummed on the streets here.

The stone throwers have adopted noms de guerre that range from the intimidating — like the 13-year-old who calls himself “Deadly Accident” — to the surreal, like the young man who named himself “Uncle Chips” after his favorite snack.

“Today, stones are our only message of resistance,” he said. “If we don’t throw stones, India and the world will think everything is fine in Kashmir. It’s not.”

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