Prem Shankar Jha in New Delhi

From Tehelka: “The Valley will accept a Client Regime no more”

“KASHMIR IS in the early stages of an intifada. The home minister dismissed the upsurge of anger in the Valley in June by accusing the Lashkar-e-Toiba of being behind the stone pelters. What no one seems to have realised is that the decision of Kashmiri youth to abjure the use of guns and throw stones instead has conferred a moral ascendancy on the separatist movement.

Delhi’s self-delusion began in December 2008 when, to its surprise and delight, there was a 52 percent voter turnout in the Valley despite the re-imposition of President’s Rule.

If the stone-pelters are so disorganised, why are they so highly motivated? Only an anger that is beyond control can overcome the instinct for self-preservation and make one throw oneself in death’s way. Such rage is not born out of poverty, but out of a profound rebellion against injustice. In Kashmir it is embedded in the collective unconscious of its youth.

For more than 40 years, the National Conference (NC) was the main beneficiary of this corrupt and clientelist system. As those whom it favoured grew richer, and Delhi showered more and more largesse on the state, they became more and more determined to stave off challenges to their power. In the eyes of political dissidents, this new class and the party that had spawned it became inextricably associated with the rule of New Delhi over Kashmir.


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  1. analysis of prem shankar jha is correct. this movement shows frustation on the part of kasmiri youth. it is true that pakistani element is there, but terming the whole movement as just pakistan assisted movement will not do justice to the whole situation. one will have to take into account the fact that , kamiri people, including womwn, are throwing themselves in line of fire and are armend with stones only. one will have to take into account the dissatisfaction with the prevaling status quo in J& K. we will have to engage the people of J & k to arrive at the solution. better late than never.

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