International People’s Tribunal-July 15/2010 statement

From “Permanent ‘State of Exception’

“The People’s Tribunal expresses grave concern regarding the arrest of Advocate Mian Qayoom, President of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association, Srinagar, and a human rights defender, under the Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act of 1978 (PSA). Advocate Qayoom’s home was raided around midnight on July 7, 2010, and he was taken to Hiranagar Jail in Jammu.” …

“IPTK is concerned for the physical and psychological safety and security of Advocate Qayoom. We ask that Advocate Qayoom be released and due process, as per international humanitarian law, be followed.”…

“The charges and actions against Advocate Qayoom evidence that Kashmiris are denied the rights of citizenship, including freedom of speech, assembly, and movement. Such freedoms, when exercised by Kashmiris, are perceived as potential threats to the Indian nation. While India claims that the Kashmir “problem” is an “internal” matter, the militarized governance of Kashmir denies rights to Kashmiris that are understood to be guaranteed to citizens of India as a democratic republic. India cannot simultaneously define Kashmir as an “internal” issue while governing Kashmir as a permanent state of exception.Advocate Qayoom’s arrest was made without evidencing due cause under the PSA. The PSA continues to be used arbitrarily in Indian-administered Kashmir to repress dissent without due cause or process. The PSA is a preventive detention law that authorizes incarceration for up to two years on grounds of uncorroborated suspicion, if authorities feel that the detainee may impede peace and order or threaten the security of the state.”…


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