Robert Grenier (ex-CIA…)

From Aljazeera English: “Losing Kashmir

“Rather than using the Indians’ desire for great-power status as an effective diplomatic tool to encourage steps leading to a settlement of Kashmir, however, US policy is working assiduously to sabotage the process.”

“Firstly, by effectively encouraging India to follow the US lead in dealing with terrorism solely as an illegitimate political tool, which in fact it is, without simultaneously addressing the grievances which motivate it, the US is undermining its own interest in a Kashmir settlement.”

“Further, by dealing with the Kashmir dispute solely as a matter between India and Pakistan, and ignoring the plight of Kashmiris themselves, the US is delegitimising the only approach which would make Pakistani territorial concessions domestically acceptable.”

“The current unrest in Kashmir, which has led to the deaths of another 15 civilians in the past month, only serves as a reminder of the centrality of Kashmir and Kashmiris in the dispute – despite the state department’s craven labelling of current Kashmiri violence and repression as “an internal Indian matter”.

Make no mistake: Settlement of Kashmir is critical to broader regional stability.”


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